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We offer

Secondary market

The Refinery technology platform allows asset owners to onboard projects in fully compliant digital form. Risk diversification occurs via an invite only OTC marketplace within the platform. 

Risk & Asset pricing

Refinery have deep expertise in risk pricing and asset pricing. We leverage cutting edge AI and Machine Learning technologies to enhance 

Capital optimisation

Building risk curves for the performance of non-listed assets based on their digital securitisation allows for better pricing and enhances access to debt and other financial instruments at more competitive costs. 

Tech infrastructure

Refinery provide and maintain technology platforms for all clients. The platform is built using state-of-the-art scalable technologies and adheres to the strongest security and compliance standards. 


State of the art tools

AI driven Risk Pricing 

Refinery combine well established risk pricing methodologies with Artificial Intelligence technologies within a proprietary risk pricing module

Asset Pricing leveraging ML 

Refinery's Asset Pricing module leverages a combination of traditional Asset Pricing methodologies, and Machine Learning models to optimise accuracy


Benchmarking Engine

Access accurate benchmarking for your project, leveraging historical data 

Reporting Engine

Access accurate, up-to-date information at the click of a button and export to multiple sources

Digital Governance

The Refinery platform digitises the full spectrum of Corporate Governance. From audit trail and record keeping through to fully digital voting rights. 


Dr Rodrigo Mazorra



Sam Lessani



Dr Tito Yepes

Head of Risk Pricing 


Rob Stewart



Professor Tomaso Aste 



About us

Deep Industry Knowledge

Our core team have worked with, and consulted for leading financial institutions and governments including the World Bank. The team bring together over 20+ years experience in risk pricing, asset pricing and financial structuring. 

Cutting edge technology

Refinery's technology is built and maintained by alumni of the world renowned Computer Science faculty at University College London, alongside engineers from previously IPO'd fintech companies. We are proud alumni of UCL's PhD Accelerator, ConceptionX.

We're award winning

Refinery were winners at the Global AI awards in 2019, who recognised our research driven technology. We have also received research grants from Innovate UK


Use cases

Commercial Real Estate
Clean Energy & Construction
Investment Funds
Securitisation structures

Holders of CRE portfolios can securitize and trade their performing assets to start building a risk curve, then digitize their entire portfolio, and optimize costs of capital due to the flexibility to integrate different financial instruments for each asset.

Digitizing performing assets allow originators in infrastructure, clean energy and even housing, to signal capital markets with individual risk profiles for their asset and their companies. Digital securitization is the most cost effective mechanism for long run optimal capital costs.   ​

The platform opens access to new non-listed assets, with real time follow-up from proprietary risk pricing models based on data science, and digital governance. An OTC marketplace allows exit and re-entry based on state-of-the-art decentralized security. Funds are transferred of-platform through investors own channels.​

Providing governance mechanisms, regular follow-up, and confidential reporting is the most critical element in SPVs design. As origination margins are shrinking, partnering with Refinery can open new businesses lines and access to investors beyond structurers’ natural markets.




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Refineryy, Spaces, 1 Ropemaker street, London

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